Passport Assistance

Department of Foreign Affairs process passport applications at the new Office of Consular Affairs building at Bradco cor. Macapagal Avenues, Aseana Business Park near the Mall of Asia

Philippine Statistics Authority (Formerly NSO)

*** Please note that it may take several months after the date of birth/marriage/death before the birth/marriage/death certificate is received, verified and converted into digital format by the NSO.

Therefore kindly allow:

  • At least two (2) to four (4) months after the date of birth/marriage/death, occurred within Metro Manila
  • At least six (6) months after the date of birth/marriage/death, if the birth/marriage/death occurred outside Metro Manila before filing your request for a copy of the document

Visa Assistance

Molato Travel Agency specializes in visa assistance to all countries feel free to call us.

  • For most foreign visitors a Philippine visa is not needed for 21 days or less stay.
  • A three- month visa can be obtained in advance.

If you need assistance extending your visa, just call us you might be needing our advice.

Why process your Visa with Molato Travel Agency?

We make sure your Visa Application will be attended with utmost care and will be processed in the shortest possible time.

Our professional Visa Consultant will also guide you on how to handle any Immigration related issues that may arise during the course of your Visa Application.

Travel Insurance

Why do I need travel insurance?

It is something that is asked a lot when going on a trip. There are so many different elements that can come into play while you’re on it. People like to have the assurance that if something goes wrong they will have that support from the travel insurance provider that they have picked.

It is your option what travel insurance to get, just remember that you are spending a lot of money on a trip and it might be better to have the coverage than none at all.

Hotel Reservations

When people go on vacations, they often look for affordable hotel accommodations that provide the amenities they need and want.

Transportation Services

Let’s face it: Getting to or from the airport can be one of the most stressful parts of the journey. Begin or end your vacation in style by organizing a private non-shared airport transfer or arrange for a group. Whether arriving or departing, at home or abroad, booking a hassle-free airport transfer is the stress-free way to travel.